“We have installed several 50 to 100 kW sized plants which have used Thomson Turbine governor control systems.
These have proven to be extremely reliable and easy to use even for the un trained operators.
Since they use off the shelf components, they are easy to do any necessary field service on high use components such as contactors or relays.

Documentation is extensive and easy to follow with more information than the average user will require. We have used both stand alone synchronous panels in the 50 to 60 kW range, panels that tie two parallel systems together, and currently an induction panel for a 100 kW grid tie plant. A unique panel from Thomson Governors is a custom load shedding governor in use since 2015, working in parallel with an hydraulic water shedding governor, the purpose which is to avoid wear on the hydraulic components and bring more useful power to the load. Bill is easy to reach by email and responds quickly to requests for help.”

P T, Vancouver BC