Thomson Turbine Governor products also must take many forms to suit this wide range of use. Our use of PLCs allow custom adaptations at low cost, and a number of standard designs allow quick implementation for most plants.

  • Secondary Load Controllers for Wind Systems

Secondary Load Controllers for Wind Systems

Wind-Diesel Hybrid Systems Wind Turbines are increasing being used to reduce the cost of fuel used at remote diesel power systems for power generation.  This has opened up a whole new market for load [...]

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Small System Load Management

The neglected resource If your small hydro plant doesn't fit your load, then make your load fit the hydro plant! Hydro power has a near zero marginal rate, allowing it to be used in place [...]

  • Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units - Small Inexpensive to purchase and to operate These motor - hydraulic pumping units have been used in powerplants from 5 KW to 2000 KW in size. They are small but [...]

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Induction Generation Unit Controllers

Induction generators are often used for on-grid generation, especially in smaller sizes.  TTG has two products for these applications. TTG 200 Series Induction Controllers Thomson [...]

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Grid Connected Governors and Controllers

Thomson Turbine Governors has 30 years experience providing custom solutions to large power plant needs. All installations of this type are unique. Please use our convenient inquiry form when contacting us so that we [...]

Stand-Alone Governors and Unit Controllers

Stand Alone Governors are built with much greater attention to performance than Governors that spend most of their lives connected to a large grid.  Stand Alone Governors must respond quickly and accurately to load [...]