Hydro-Electric plants have many different sizes, types and purposes. Our use of PLCs allow custom adaptations at low cost, and a number of standard designs allow quick implementation for most plants.

High performance governing for hydro plants and wind power systems for stand-alone and grid connected systems.

  • Stand Alone Governors
    Designed to provide electrohydraulic turbine control to sites that do not need full speed governing.
  • Grid Connected Governors
    Hydraulic speed and non-speed governor used for larger grid connected plants.
  • Induction Generation Unit Controllers
    PLC based design for ease of customer maintenance and future modifications. Double Regulation, Head Level control and Electrical metering and protection options are available.
  • Hydraulic Power Units
    Hydraulic Power Units for large and small power plants. Small Hydraulic Power Units for powerplants from 5 KW to 200 KW in size. Available with operating pressures up to 3000 PSI, power to 10 horsepower.
  • Small System Load Management
    Inexpensive Load Mangement Units for small systems for flexible control.
  • Secondary Load Controllers for Wind Systems
    TTG Load Control governors will interface with interruptible loads, allowing the sale of excess energy on an interruptible basis.

Thomson Turbine Governors provides services including custom design, consulting, support, speaking and other wind and hydro power development needs.



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