Secondary Load Controllers for Wind Systems

 Wind Turbines are increasing being used to reduce the cost of fuel used at remote diesel power systems for power generation.  This has opened up a whole new market for load control governors originally developed for hydro generation.

If the maximum output of the wind turbines sometimes exceeds the minimum system load, there needs to be a place to put the excess energy.  A load control governor is a great choice for reliability.  They where originally developed for hydro governors where they had to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  These units are available in existing designs up to 500 KW.  And loads can be either air or water heaters.  A 500 kW water heater is shown below

TTG Load Control governors will interface with interruptible loads, allowing the sale of excess energy on an interruptible basis.  Interruptible loads may be remote to the power equipment, using radio links for high speed control.


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