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Hydro-Electric plants have many different sizes, types and purposes. Thomson Turbine Governor products also must take many forms to suit this wide range of use. Our use of PLCs allow custom adaptations at low cost, and a number of standard designs allow quick implementation for most plants.

Grid connected plants need an inexpensive, easy to maintain and efficient control system. Induction type plants use inexpensive simple power units and controllers while Synchronous plants require synchronization to the utility and better turbine control. Designs are available for single and dual regulated Kaplans, Frances and Pelton turbine types.

Stand alone plants need battery start-up, high performance governing and possibly reservoir management. Thomson Turbine Governors can supply any combination of load and water control governing that is necessary to obtain maximum performance.

Any type of turbine can be used, including single and dual regulated Kaplans, Frances and Pelton types.  Load Control Governors are also being used in Wind and Hybrid Wind-Diesel Systems.

Client Testimonials

"Mr. Thomson is very knowledgeable about hydro-electric power, software and advanced electronics” A.B. - Vancouver, B.C.

“They were able to give us exactly what we needed” T.C. - Anchorage, Alaska
“Suggested changes to the design that reduced costs and increased effective use of our water resource” D.A. - Great Falls, Montana

Secondary Load Controllers for Wind Systems

Wind Turbines are increasing being used to reduce the cost of fuel used at remote diesel power systems for power generation.  This has opened up a whole new market for load control governors originally developed for hydro generation.


2011 Alaska Rural Energy Conference September 27-29, 2011 - Bill Thomson speaking on "Developing Energy Projects - A Village Perspective".

CanWEA’s 27th Annual Conference and Exhibition
October 3-6, 2011 in Vancouver, BC. William Thomson of Thomson Turbine Governors will present "Wind Diesel and Wind/Hybrid Systems for Isolated Communities".


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